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Purple Keyboard for people who like purple color and custom keyboards. Purple is the new Pink and purple keyboard has more fans than Pink keyboard. Purple Keyboard is the best looking keyboard of all colored keyboards making it the prettiest keyboard ever.

Purple Keyboard lets you customize settings like:

1. Dictionary: Purple keyboard has builtin keyboard and supports dictionary and spelling correction.
2. Visual Feedback: Visual feedback by purple keyboard makes it the best.
3. Sound feedback: Sound feedback on key press by Purple keyboard makes awesome for daily usage.
4. Many more settings to customize.

Purple keyboard is better than Red Keyboard and Pink Keyboard when it comes to being pretty. Who ever said purple is the new pink got it right. Purple Keyboard beats any other color keyboards.

Download and use it now: Purple Keyboard 1.1

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Publisher: FakePhone Parody

Release Date: 2014-02-26

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